«The Sun goes down» is a story where I’m documenting my mother’s life. Family relationships are an important part of every person’s life. It affects each of us and forces our lives to go in one direction or another. In my family, men took the main role. But this was only possible because women created the basis for the existence of the family in its traditional sense. At the heart of the story is the house where generations of our family had grown up. My grandparents lived here with my mother and her sisters, and then the next generations lived here with their children. I spent the first six months of my life in this house.

My mother’s sisters went to live in other cities, and we stayed here, where my mother’s parents had been living all the time. After my mother’s parents had gone my mom and dad stopped living together. I and mother started to live here. A house that used to be noisy was empty. I went to the university in another city. My mother’s figure has always been very important to me.

When I was a kid, I used to dream a lot about walking down the street and looking for my mom that I’d lost. In my mother’s daily routine, I find something that supports her. One day, I’ll be her as she got it from her mother. On the one hand, it inspires me and helps me, and on the other hand, I fear it. In my story, I revert to the subject of roots and memory, which affects every one of us and remains in our minds forever. «The sun goes down» is a family story about love, loneliness, pain, fear, growing up, death.