3 июля, 2021

«The Sun goes down» is a story where I’m documenting my mother’s life. Family relationships are an important part of every person’s life. It affects each of us and forces our lives to go in one direction or another. In my family, men took the main role. But this was only possible because women created […]

19 марта, 2018

MalostovkaI came home for a week and stayed for almost two months. I feel so safe and good at home, as it’s been nowhere else lately. Only in my childhood. I love this place. Everything is familiar. But everything is gone somewhere. It is not happening again. Not coming back. But it doesn’t have to. [...]

Between right and shame
19 марта, 2018

Between right and shame Belarus abortion laws allow termination on request up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, and in certain medical or social circumstances up to 28 weeks, which places them among the most liberal in Europe. Nevertheless, abortion is still a taboo for many women, and many are reluctant to admit they have had [...]

Vera’s seasons
19 марта, 2018

Vera’s seasonsA little girl Vera Zenko from Volozhin was chasing the cart, where fascists were taking away her pregnant mother, – and they took pity and threw her off the back of that cart. Vera is 91 now, she calls her life “the last seasons” and recites her biography through what’s inside her wardrobe. Vera [...]