“WE’RE NOT REFUGEES” (2022-ongoing)

This is the story of Ukrainians who were forced to leave their cities and homes after February 24, when Russia started the war in Ukraine. We met at the refugee center in Hamburg in March 2022. Olga and her daughter Sabrina, her friends Lilia and Svetlana tried to learn about the possibility of obtaining social housing in Germany. 

Since March 2022 they live in a German family in one of the region of Hamburg. Before the war has started, each of them had a whole life in Ukraine, family and friends. Olga’s family has a restaurant they just opened. Lilia — charity organization “Tarilka”, which she has organized not so long ago and only just started to get her ideas carry out. Svetlana has a job at a veterinary clinic. Whether they can go back to their country and whether they will have somewhere to return. The war in Ukraine is not over yet, and the reality of life in another country, which people face is not easy.

According to UN statistics on April 20, 2022, five million refugees fled Ukraine. It is the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.